Rune Berkana + Norse Goddess Frigga + Quantum Physics = safety for domestic and youngsters

Frigga is the Northern european’s Goddess of the house, fertility, love, motherhood and safety.girls with or without kids want the protecting vibrations of the Goddess Frigga and the energies of her effective Berkana Rune of their lives and houses. The chaotic, detrimental energies of the media and the politically accurate society are doing their excellent to spoil the house, the family and the function of Northern eu ladies.shield your self, your youngsters and your home. Counter these damaging energies with periodic Frigga Blots. Plus a robust rapport with the Goddess Frigga herself.Runes and the Goddesses of the North are still very effective and simply bringing them into your own home can have a restoration impact and act as a protective buffer. how many thousands and thousands of people have crosses, icons and crescents in their homes for safety? We as Northern eu additionally need our powerful symbols and icons.FRIGGA’S RUNESThere are three runes associated with the Goddess Frigga.Rune FehuRune PerthoRune BerkanaRUNE BERKANA IS THE female’S RUNEIn this blot we want safety for girls and the home. we will use most effective one rune on this blot. Berkana Rune. it’s miles very effective and could act like a mystical amulet for you, your youngsters and your home.GODDESS FRIGGAFrigga is the All-mother, wife of Odin.She is the goddess of the home, family, fertility, love, motherhood, home affairs and simplicity of transition (dying.)Frigga is as powerful as Odin and is the handiest god/goddess allowed to sit down in Odin’s high seat Hlidskjalf whilst he is not there. she will be able to appearance out over the complete universe from there. there’s not anything she does no longer recognize. but she is called the silent Goddess for she does no longer speak of what she is aware of.Frigga’s kids are Thor, Balder and Hodar.Her stepchildren are Heimdal, Tyr, Vidan and Skljoldr.Her magical device is the distaff. And her animal totem is the goose.The constellation Orion’s Belt is referred to as Frigga’s Distaff. The rotating stars at night time are her spinning wheel. it’s far stated that Frigga makes use of her spinning wheel to weave the clouds. She also sits at her spindle weaving the destinies of fellows and gods alike at the beginning of every new year.if you want the ask Frigga approximately your future first construct a rapport along with her and her Berkana rune. She may also tell you. but be cautious. She is aware of all of the destinies of guys, girls and gods. She knew the future of her son Balder. She knew he would die, and attempt as she might, with all her powers, she could not forestall it. Do you really need to know your destiny? Ask her. i am content to let mine works itself out.Frigga’s name means LOVE. She lives in Fensalir because of this “Marsh Halls.In Scandinavia the blessing of Frigga continues to be invoked for birthing girls with a white candle, with the Berkana Rune etched in its side. The candle is used as a charm to make certain a secure transport.FRIGGA’S HAND MAIDENSEIR —– Goddess of restoration.HLIN —– Goddess of protection.GNA —– Messanger Goddess.FULLA —– Fertility Goddess.additionally LOFN, SJOFN, SYN, GEFJON, SNORTA, VAN and VOR.Ask your self: Why do you need to carry out a Frigga Blot?Why do you need Frigga in your existence?inside the one hundred+ pages i’ve written approximately Runes and Blots, there may be a repeating theme.To be remarkable — concentrate.each goddess has a diffusion of powers and functions, as does every of the runes. in the course of a blot, pick out one rune, one goddess, one key-word to pour your mental energies into. that is how the energies are saved within the Quantum Ocean (mind of God) in which all energies exist. The more unique you are along with your mind of what you want to do, the more effective and a hit will the blot be.The laws of Quantum Physics have taught us that thoughts are things. Our thoughts are projected into the Quantum Ocean (thoughts of God) in which they choose up innovative energies and materialize them lower back into our lives.You need to be cautious of what and how you suspect. You must realize why you want to draw the energies of Frigga into your life.Goddesses cannot do something for us. That is not the way it works. What does work is on the way to entice the energies that the goddesses herself makes use of out of the Quantum Ocean (thoughts of God) and into your existence. You can not end up Frigga but you could become may recreate your life using the Goddess Runes which are prevalent creative Energies and the laws of Quantum Physics which tell us that thoughts are matters.We, the Northern Europeans, observed the runes, the legal guidelines of Quantum Physics and the laws of intellectual Radionics. allow us to use them to create a higher world for ourselves and our kids and grandchildren. our youngsters are our maximum treasured possessions.Use the runes to create!Neitzsche said:”Hail her who creates new dances.permit’s dance a thousand tunes.Our artwork should be loose,And our sciences glad.”INVOKE FRIGGA thru THE BERKANA RUNEFrigga is the women’s goddess. i will best share a lot facts about her with you due to the fact i am a person and she or he may not inform me. but you as a girl can build (and need to construct in those chaotic times) a strong courting along with her. She can also simply proportion her secrets and techniques with you.whatever lady’s troubles you may have, stresses and concerns, inharmonious relationships etc, invoke Frigga. Invoke her to insure an clean and ideal childbirth. Use the white candle ritual. you can need to place a Berkana rune symbol at the stomach.however frequently in trendy chaotic international your youngsters and your private home need the safety of Frigga and Rune Berkana.FRIGGA BLOT RITUALAgain I try to maintain all blots easy. They had been designed for the contemporary day Asatruer who does now not want to head the woods loaded down with ritualistic gear and outdated Viking rituals. Vikings can’t assist us now with their axes and swords. Our minds and our runes and our sciences can.this is for girls who need to paintings on my own in the privacy in their personal home with cutting-edge 21st century rituals. that is what you’ll do. entice Frigga’s defensive energies using the Rune Berkana, out of the Quantum Ocean (thoughts of God) and into your aura.allow us to start!sit quietly to your favorite chair. relax. preserve the Berkana Rune (print it our from backside of web page) for your lap. take a look at it and meditate on it. Your mind (intellectual Radionics) will make the connection among the Frigga runic energies within the Quantum Ocean (thoughts of God) and you.Take a deep breath and breathe within the Berkana runic energies. Use your imagination to peer those white defensive energies flowing from Frigga within the Quantum Ocean to you.Intone mentally to yourself:”i am now breathing in the energy of Frigga’s Berkana runes out of the Quantum Ocean (mind of God) and into my charisma.Exhale.Inhale and intone.Exhale.Inhale and intone.Exhale.three time for three is a magical wide variety of the Northern gods/goddesses.Your aura is now complete of the protective power of Frigga’s Berkana rune.loosen up and experience its non violent, healing energies.Now take a deep breath and exhale. at the same time visualize the protective energies of Frigga pouring from your Pinal Gland (third eye) within the center of your brow. here is a very effective secret that few realize or practice. each organ in our body has a particular feature. Our Pituitary gland within the top of our heads is for receiving higher power, like the power that comes out or the Quantum Ocean (mind of God.) Our Pinal gland within the center of our brow is for sending this energy out into the physical international.modern-day doctors understand little or no approximately these two religious glands, due to the fact they’ve lost their spirituality. The curse of our times. to use as an analogy: We acquire God’s effective strength, out of the Quantum Ocean, and into the pinnacle of our heads our pituitary gland. We distribute this energy into the physical global thru our pinal gland.As above, so underneath.All top notch magicians, healers and shamans understand this. it is simplest now because of the invention of the laws of Quantum Physics that we have it. As you are mentally pouring this power out of your pineal gland intone:”i am now sending the protecting electricity of Frigga to surround my home and grounds with a sphere of white mild.”See your complete domestic and grounds surrounded by way of Frigga’s protective white mild.3 times.Now take a deep breath and exhale this protecting light to every of your youngsters and grandchildren.Intone:”i am now sending Frigga’s protective energies to surround (call) and maintain him/her secure all day.”3 instances for every infant and grandchild. deliver a mental way to Frigga and go approximately your business with the assurance which you, your own home, your kids and your grandchildren are this as often as you like. build a effective rapport with Frigga. it’s far cumulative. She awaits your attention.easy!No Dogma.No Ritualistic tools.just you an energy being.Frigga an electricity goddess.Rune Berkana an typical innovative electricity.Rune Berkana, plus Goddess Frigga plus the laws of Quantum Physics and intellectual Radionics convey safety for you and your family into your existence.

tips and tricks in Balancing career and Motherhood

have you ever ever questioned why moms are crucial in this global? have you attempted to ponder what existence could be with out them? apart from fathers, our moms are crucial to our lives due to the special function they play in our lives. they may be critical now not handiest because of their special traits, however due to the jobs they play in our lives to make us responsible and worthy humans.With the difficult monetary conditions we’ve currently, it is already a reality that fathers are not the only ones who work for the own family, however mothers are well. because of the intention of presenting satisfactory existence and schooling to children, mothers become career ladies. Balancing career and motherhood can be elaborate and challenging for ladies because of the huge needs and hurdles they have to adopt to become successful in each worlds. could you believe how they manage to hurdle the tough task of being a mother to their children, wife to her husband and worker at the equal time? For certain, they’ve the maximum tough and hard jobs on this world and no quantity of competencies and organizational talents can match their skills to stability these things. with out the proper emotional stability and feel of judgment, for sure they could be struggling to maintain their sanity, however they control to continue to exist all these things.underneath are pointers on the way to juggle motherhood with your profession:
make sure to time table all your household chores and tasks efficiently. Make a agenda on whilst you do the laundry, house cleaning, cooking and other things. make certain to depart a vacant time on your rest or for any down time. make sure to paste in your each day schedule.
make sure to have time to bond together with your husband. Take day trip or cook dinner dinner for him. you may actually have a night out or do something unique at domestic.
be sure to have first-rate time to bond with your youngsters. Allocate some time to help them out with their assignments and initiatives. keep in mind that helping them with college paintings is one manner of bonding with them despite the confined time table you have got at home and at work.
if you cannot do a little difficult family chores yourself, you could continually are searching for the assistance of your associates or parents. They will let you out with the project.
in case you do no longer want to be disturbed while doing all of the chores, make sure to hold the youngsters busy with the aid of giving them other works to do like emptying the trash bin or dishwasher.
regardless of the busy and anxious schedules you’ve got, make sure to have best time for yourself. treat yourself to a spa, purchasing or parlor to launch all the stress and anxiety you’ve got interior. Take your self out on a nail filing or pedicure. it’s far one way of enjoyable yourself and putting off the stress inside.
Take time out together with your female friends. Spending satisfactory time with them is not only a laugh, but therapeutic as properly.
You ought to undergo in mind that the important thing to a balanced and harmonious existence is balancing your work, courting and family chores.

Juggling Work and Motherhood With a Newborn

Juggling work and motherhood has been an age-old challenge. Women have been trying to find that perfect balance since the beginning of time. It is not an easy task to do both with a newborn and it is ridden with great feelings of guilt. Knowing you are not alone is the key to overcoming those feelings.

The majority of mothers used to stay at home and strictly take care of the babies and the household. Today, the majority of families need both parents to have an income in order to stay financially afloat.

Mothers are forced to leave a newborn either at home with a nanny or family member, or at a daycare. An average maternity leave is about six weeks with most companies that even offer it. It is advantageous at this point in life to either have a job that you can do from home or have a husband that makes enough money for you to stay home for an extended period of time.

Either way, a newborn is a full-time job and to be successful at both, you will need help. When you are working, you will feel guilty that you are not with your baby and when you are with your baby, you will feel neglectful of your work. It is almost inevitable. Women are blogging, emailing, and talking about it in mommy groups across the world.

One of the most important things you can do to lessen the feelings of guilt is to talk to other moms in the same situation. Talking about it and hearing about it from someone else going through the same thing will help you to at least understand that you are not alone in the struggle. It makes a big difference to hear someone else talk about the same feeling you are having.

Balancing Work and Motherhood – Helpful Tips For Mompreneurs

Many of us are entrepreneurial moms (mompreneurs,) myself included. If we work away from home we feel like we should be home with our kids and then once we’re home with our kids we feel like we should be working. If we work from home we constantly see around us what needs to be done for household chores. There’s no one tactic or strategy that will work all of us when it comes to balancing work and motherhood, but there are many women that have found a way to do it that suits their lifestyle. Here are some tips when it comes to being a mompreneur and feeling we are where we should be all the time.

Efficiency: One thing that I have found when it comes to balancing work and motherhood, that especially applies for the work at home mompreneur, is establishing when you can be most productive at specific tasks. You will be more efficient this way. Work on tasks that require the most attention and focus while children are napping or having quiet time and tasks that require less dedication that have room for distraction without having to fully refocus when they are up. Get help from your partner when you need to meet deadlines or goals and be appreciative of his help. Don’t forget to take care of yourself, you can’t be efficient if you are overloading and neglecting yourself. There really are only 24 hrs in a day. If your schedule allows, consider setting aside one day a week to be a day where you focus on family instead of work to help ensure quality time.

Day Planner: When it comes to balancing work and motherhood, using a day planner will help us mompreneurs stay on top of our daily schedules in priority sequence and enable us to know how to better prepare for the day ahead. Combine work and family schedule to ensure no double booking. Establish your goals and how much you want or need to get done in a certain time period and break down the tasks within ‘x’ amount of days. Another way to feel well prepared for the day ahead is to do a few things the night before to help your day start off smoothly. For example tidying up your office space, prepare lunches, or setting the coffee pot. You can also get up before your family does to take some quiet time for yourself or get some extra work done.

Don’t Be Too Hard On Yourself: There is only so many hours in a day available to get things done. Balancing work and motherhood and feeling efficient at both can be a challenge for the mompreneur. Chances are you won’t complete absolutely everything you could in a day, but prioritizing by importance and priority then performing work and tasks when you can be most efficient at them will help you feel productive about the efforts you are putting in. Don’t be unrealistic with your home duties when balancing work and motherhood. You don’t have to be a suzy homemaker to be a good mom. By working for your family you are providing in other areas. Don’t feel guilty if you don’t make school costumes by hand or do school baking from scratch. Realize you are only one person and are doing the best that you can with the time given.

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